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Join us for another exciting year of billiards / pool.

Hurry in to join our leagues before they fill up!

Monday afternoon random draw scotch doubles pool league - Play begins at 12:00.

Tuesday evening random draw scotch doubles pool league - Play begins at 19:00.

Wednesday afternoon singles pool league - Play begins at 12:30.

Thursday afternoon retired teachers league - Play begins at 13:00.

Weekly leagues at the Bridgewater legion are open to everyone (except the teachers league) 19 years and older.   Non-legion members are encouraged to join the legion if they will be playing more than 3 times.  The benefits of joining the legion are described in Sports Leagues and Games, Appendix A, which is available at the legion.

We will also be hosting sporadic tournaments whenever possible, so check the boards at the legion, this website, or follow us on Facebook to get all the updates and to see upcoming events.

Bridgewater has had the honor of hosting the Legion Provincial Tournament for the past 2 years and we have been chosen to host it again in 2018!  Come out and support your team.  The level of play is really quite remarkable and anyone wishing to represent the Bridgewater Legion and have the opportunity to travel to the National Tournament can find all the information at the branch, or come see us play and join in and we can give you all the information first hand.

The following are dates to remember for anyone who wishes to come see some great pool:

December 2017 - Branch 24 in-house tournament to determine the 2017 team that will represent our branch at the Provincials this year.

February 10, 2018 - Zone playoff with representatives from many of our local branches.

March or April 2018 - Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command Provincial 8-Ball Tournament

Come out and have a game but be careful, it's addictive!